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Welcome to Trouvaille Gal!

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Welcome to my blog and (Eek!) my very first blog post! This blog is for myself and fellow wives, moms, and women who are hopefully not only learning to survive but thrive in our day to day lives by simply counting our blessings and trouvailles one by one.

One of many trouvailles (read- lucky finds) to be gleaned from my experiences so far as a wife and mother is to find happiness where you're at. Easier said than done because we all know where we're at isn't always unicorns and sunshine. Some days are a ray of sunshine and others, well are gloomy clouds. I'm naturally a planner and my expectations are that my plans will go as planned. However, I should be better equipped to expect the unexpected and be able to pivot and adapt quicker to changes but that's just not how I'm wired. I'm a creature of habit and crave routine, which seems to bring peace to me. But I'm learning after 5 years of marriage, a toddler, and living in 3 states in the past 2 years that there must be an art to balancing the chaos. And so my journey begins. In my slightly A- type personality mind, I'm slowly beginning to understand that it's okay for life to be imperfect and messy at times. Finding joyful gems along the way can only be found if you open your eyes to them.

Being blessed or stumbling upon something with dumb luck is how most things seem to happen and be discovered around here. All I'm saying is someone has the master plan and that definitely isn't me! Through all the ups and downs of being a wife/mom/sister/daughter/friend, I'm finding my purpose, leaning on my faith, and discovering the joy of the ride.

My hopes for this blog are to document the real bits of life and perhaps, even provide some useful, real life inspiration and advice. At times I've been overwhelmed and have found that trusting His plan is always better than mine. So let me leave you with the hopeful passage from Psalm 61:2

“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher.” -Psalm 61:2

I'll be posting more soon about some of the joys found in the most unexpected of places!

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