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Toddler Photography: A Window Into A Child's Mind

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Do you want a window into your child's mind? Or just an intimate portrait of your life? Well get your kiddo a camera! We got our son a VTech Kidizoom Camera (This is NOT a sponsored post) for his birthday because he sees Mommy taking pictures all the time. It's by no means any comparison to my DSLR but it's durable and gives him the ability to photograph his world as he sees it! Let's just say he loves it and wants to take it with him everywhere he goes!

The best part is watching him take pictures and he smiles while doing so and says, "say cheese" and won't take the picture unless you oblige with the very words "cheese". Haha kids always provide some comic relief!

Some pictures are a bit grainy or blurry due to megapixels and toddler movement and other pictures may even be upside down but that's what makes these so great to me. It's the not the quality of the pictures that stands out but his perspective and it's pretty fascinating to look at as a parent. Please enjoy this photo gallery courtesy of my 3 year old son!

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