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My Family vs. "The Plague"

Tips for Staying Healthy this Cold & Flu Season

This cold and flu season has me all like, "not today Satan!". Nobody has time for that! I jokingly said "the plague" but in all seriousness it's been one of the worst cold and flu seasons I've ever experienced. After my husband I both came down with the flu in the same week, we quickly figured out it isn't too much fun being sick with a very active toddler in the house (who thankfully avoided these super germs). However, we knew after that that we needed to up our game in fending off all of these bugs. So I've been disinfecting the house and trying my best to keep our whole family healthy with ideas I've gathered from family and friends! With that being said, I also wanted to share some of my favorite tried and true methods that's helped us prevent the spreading of germs in our house. Some of these may surprise you!

Tips for Staying Healthy This Cold & Flu Season:

1. Wash Your Hands Often! (Nothing better than soap and water for 20 seconds to do the trick.)

2. Clean Your Hard Surfaces (cabinets, counters, light switches, door handles, car steering wheel and handles)

(A fellow mom has recently told me about a portable hand steamer that is inexpensive and great for steaming hard surfaces to kill germs without chemicals! I haven't tried this out yet but it's in my amazon cart to try out ASAP.)

3. Clean Your Phone and Remote Controls! (Did you know there's a Phone Sanitizer?! I haven't tried this but considering all the places our phones go, it's probably worth investing in.)

4. Resist Touching Yours and Others Faces. (This is hard to avoid between loving contact with my husband and son but spreading germs happens so easily and quickly through touch especially if one of us is sick.)

5. Clean Your Child's Toys. (White Vinegar or Castile Soap is my go to for cleaning toys.)

6. Build Your Immunity Defense. (Immunity Booster Young Living Essential Oils blend roll-on on the bottom of your feet and down your spine. Bri Chasco of ObservatoryOils with Young Living Essential Oils hooked this mama up with an immunity roll-on that is helping keep our family healthy. If you're interested, visit her facebook page Observatory Oils and follow on Instagram for great essential oil tips and information. P.S. the roll-on was further diluted for my son but worked great with his past cold!)

7. Wipe Down Grocery Carts. ( I always wipe down grocery cart handles but I also carry with us a foldable cart cover for our son to sit in while in the cart that we've used since he was able to sit up in a cart. This limits his exposure even more and it's washable too.)

8. Take Your Vitamins. (Vitamin C, Turmeric, Vitamin D, and Zinc are powerful virus fighters and immunity boosters).

9. Eat Well. Hydrating and eating foods that are natural immune boosters are always a great way to build up your immunity from within. A good example of foods rich in antioxidants are spinach, garlic, ginger, berries, avocados, sweet potatoes, and almonds.)

10. Get 7-9 Hours of Sleep! (This is hard to do at times when you have a child or just want to binge watch a show on Netflix but your body can't fight off illnesses without being properly charged.)

I'm sure the list isn't exhaustive (yet) and I'm always in search of other healthy living best practices for our family. How do you keep you and your family healthy throughout Cold & Flu season? (Share below).

Stay Healthy,

Trouvaille Gal

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