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From the Mouth of a 3 Year Old

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

On the eve of our son's 4th Birthday, I thought I'd document and share just a few of the funny things our sweet, funny little boy has said over the past year. We've learned he soaks up things like a sponge, has a fantastic imagination and has quite the vocabulary too!

Neighbor: "Where do you live?"

3 Year Old: "Earth."

3 Year Old to Grandpa: "Do you remember when I saw your performance?"

3 Year Old to Grandma: "Are you the boss of Spain?"

3 Year Old gibberish: "That's in Portuguese!" (His uncle is from Brazil)

Wella(short for abuela): "Which finger did you pinch?"

3 Year Old: "One of these" as he looks at his hand.

3 Year Old to Daddy: "When we fish we are fisherman and when we eat we are eaterman!"

3 Year Old to Mommy: "The gnats are killing me!" as we are on a walk.

3 Year Old: "That reminds me, God loves me!"

3 Year Old discussing what happens if it doesn't rain: "Ducks won't have water and things can't grow."

Mommy: "Would the fish have water to swim in?"

3 Year Old: "No, they'd have to walk on their tails!"

Dropping 3 Year Old Off at Grandparents as I'm in labor with our daughter: "The bear went over the mountain" was our very own personal soundtrack at 1am sung by our son.

3 Year Old: He sang "Hush now my baby" to my belly during my pregnancy.

3 Year Old at Bedtime to Daddy and Mommy: "Don't forget the light and the dark and the dark and the light can be pretty always and don't forget I love you and don't forget that too!" (He came up with that on his own and says it every night to us after songs and prayers)

Mommy: "Thank you so much for taking me on a walk!"

3 Year Old: "It was my pleasure!"

3 Year old was crying.

Mommy: "It's ok but you got over it."

3 Year Old: "I got over it, not under it."

3 Year old negotiates.

3 Year Old: "I want to go down the slide 5 times.

Wella (short for abuela): Ok. (5 times pass)

3 Year Old: "I want a bonus one!"

3 Year Old tells the doctor and nurses repeatedly that he does not want a band-aid after he gets his shot. (He's such a big brave boy!)

3 Year Old telling Grandma about getting her flu shot: "Don't be scared. You have to be brave, I'll help you!"

3 Year Old lets in Aunt H: "Hello, Hello,Hello!"

3 Year Old to Grandma and Grandpa: "There use to be a cat in there" as he points to my parents' fireplace. (They've never owned a cat)

3 Year Old to Mommy: "Can you have donkey cheese since you can't have dairy from a cow?"

Mommy: "Can I hold your Lightening McQueen?"

3 Year Old: "No, he's hurt."

Mommy: "It's okay, I can make him feel better."

3 Year Old: "Don't kiss him, there's dog hair on him."

(At least he still thinks my kisses fix ouchies)

3 Year Old: "Meatballs" in a New Yorker accent for some reason.

3 Year Old Sponge: Aunt H and Mommy watched a show about the dangers of the Edwardian and Victorian home and 3 year old was strangely interested in the show and especially about the topic of asbestos. A few days later he sees some friends and proceeds to inform them all about the dangers of asbestos and how it hurts your lungs and will kill you.

3 Year Old to Mommy: "You're a bombshell!"

Mommy: Glances at Daddy. Haha

3 Year Old can recite the entire Lord's Prayer.

3 Year Old is quite musical and remembers song tunes and words incredibly well!

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