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A Must-Have Musical Toy for a Toddler

As a busy stay at home mom music has become a natural part of our daily lives and routine that provides opportunities for our family to connect, learn, and be creative together throughout the day.  Whether through silly songs we find on youtube to dance and sing along to or choosing instruments to play together, there really isn't a day that goes by that doesn't somehow include music. Both my husband and I have a love of music and have encouraged the same love of music with our son.  It is something that our son has taken to naturally from an early age and seems to really enjoy.  We have several instruments in our home that are played regularly and are accessible to our son.  However, we also wanted some age appropriate musical toys that encourage a very hands on learning experience of music, various sounds and rhythms, use of motor skills and creativity.  Music is known to boost a child's development both physically and mentally and the benefits expand past just the application of music.  Over time we've added musical toys like: a child's piano, drums, percussion instruments, ukulele, harmonica, shakers, a wooden whistle, etc.   The newest addition to the music collection is a xylophone that was gifted to my son from the new online children's store Cedar Burrows Village. 

A few of our son's favorite musical toys.

I wanted to share with you what is so great about this toy!  [This is a sponsored post for Cedar Burrows Village. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.]

The children's xylophone was an exciting gift for my 3 year old son who is apt to pick up about any instrument placed in front of him. What I loved about the xylophone was that straight out of the box it was intuitive for my son and invited energetic banging of the mallets to hear the sounds of each key!  It's a simple and well made wooden constructed xylophone with 8 colorful metal bars and comes with two small wooden mallets. It is a great musical instrument that allows my son to play around with creating different sounds and rhythms.  The toy doesn't come with any information on what key the octave of bars are set to but it clearly doesn't make a difference to my son who enjoys creating musical "masterpieces" of his own.  However, I was able to determine this xylophone is in C Major if anyone is wanting to show their child the correlation to other instruments.  My only concern is that the mallets have small balls on the end of them that could be a potential choking hazard if they were to come off.  (This hasn't been our experience with them as they are still intact after a 3 year old has been playing with them consistently and the box does state for Ages 3+.)  Overall the quality of this toy is exactly what I was looking for and was expecting when wanting to add a quality musical toy to our collection.  It has quickly become my son's new favorite instrument and I imagine it will continue to be used consistently during our daily music time!

For anyone with children under 3, I'd recommend looking at their other affordable baby xylophone option that is geared for babies and features a cute lady bug style with 5 bars instead of 8! 

I'm happy to have found this small business children's store created by a sister duo who are clearly in it to provide families with top quality items.  I look forward to seeing more of what they roll out soon and maybe even find another musical toy to add to our collection in the near future. 

Check out their site and follow them on facebook & instagram for more wonderful toy ideas, clothing, and stationary that suit all ages!

Stay Tuned! I'll be sharing some of our favorite educational and musical toys!

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