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A Birthday Letter to My Son

The joy of watching your child grow.

On the occasion of our son's 3rd birthday today, I wanted to share something I started for him before his 1st birthday. I set up an email account for my son in his name for me and other family members to email him letters and photos periodically, both on special occasions and mundane days when a thought pops into our heads. Being the sentimental person I am, this year is no exception to this tradition. I plan to send him letters for years to come and print them out for him as a keepsake for when he is older. I embrace the pouring out of thoughts onto paper and hopefully my son will someday treasure these words as sentiment of my unending love for him. Cheers to my child on his special day!


Hey baby boy, Wow! It can't be that you're turning 3 already! You're growing up so fast and it's a beautiful thing to see the intricacies of the person you are becoming. However, if even for a brief moment, I'd love to just stop and breathe in the version of you, that is only you right now. As each milestone passes I am in awe of you. I know I can't simply turn back the clocks and must bid farewell to the younger you. I always feel like each year can't get better than this but it does because you are still you, just a different version of you to delight us with. So forgive me for the millions of kisses. I'm just glad you aren't wiping them all away yet. Someday you'll understand.

I know you have so much to learn in this world and yet I'm the one learning more because of you. I'm certain a part of me has grown right alongside you over the past 3 years; my heart, my love, and devotion to you, sweet boy! You've helped me to fully comprehend that patience is a virtue and how important it is to choose love to guide us as we learn to parent you. We love so dearly the kind and empathetic heart that you have and hope that you never let the world ever change that.

The other night as we were hugging goodnight in your bed after our ritual of prayers, songs, and chit chat you told me, "I want to keep you". You said it so innocently in hopes I'd stay in your room with you until you fell asleep. I cherish putting you to bed and your sweetness of wanting to just hold on a bit longer before the day is done. Sweetheart, so do I, I want to hold on a bit longer to you each and every day. You know, I want to keep you just the way you are; your giggles, sweet hugs, and the numerous why questions that allow us a glimpse into your incredible and growing mind.

God didn't give you to us for us to keep you forever. Because you were always His and He entrusted us with you, to raise you to walk in His ways. Although he gave us you for safe keeping while we are here on this earth, it is a great reminder that our souls are His to keep and that because of him we get to share his great love with others, a promise of eternal life with Him! At times I may be distracted < I'm working on it> but I hope you know I'm doing my best as your mommy and your daddy is doing his best too. We pray every day for you and never take for granted the blessing you are to our family. We will inevitably fail and I want you to know it's okay to be imperfect so long as we try because our Father has us through it all.

I wanted to share with you a poem that is in the beginning of the book "The Wonderful World of Boys" by Dr. James Dobson.

"That Little Boy of Mine"

Two eyes that shine so bright,

Two lips that kiss goodnight,

Two arms that hold me tight,

That little boy of mine.

No one could ever know

how much your coming has meant.

To me you're everything.

You're something heaven has sent.

You're all the world to me.

You climb upon my knee.

To me you'll always be

That little boy of mine.

That poem resonates with me because you are that little boy of mine, one whom I'll love and adore forever. No matter how big you grow or how old you get I'll always think of you as the baby boy I held in my arms the first time in the hospital, the little boy who gives me sweet kisses and hugs, the little boy who still sleeps next to me each night, the goofiness that abounds from you, and your love for Jesus. Always remember that you are "Jesus' Little Lamb" (I love that you now sing this song with me). As you grow, we want you to know that you can also dream big too. You told me recently after seeing the trains go by that, "Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a train conductor!" in your joyful little voice. You may or may not grow up to be a train conductor, but whatever you choose you'll be exactly who you're supposed to be as long as you follow Him and we'll be right there cheering you on!

I can't wait to see all that you will do in this next year as you grow into more of a little boy than you were this past year. We love you and we are proud of you! Happy 3rd Birthday, E.! Biggest of hugs and kisses to our sweet and special little boy! :)

Love you forever,


P.S.- A mother's love never ends. I'll forever cherish this scrumptious photo I snapped of you as a newborn.

Photos are property of Gwendolyn Shearrow.

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