Life's lucky finds

Easy DIY Silhouette Tutorial

I wanted to capture my son's adorable 3 year old profile in a simple and classic silhouette design. This easy diy project is the perfect addition to a child's room or anywhere you want to display your children's silhouette. Not to mention this is a fantastic gift idea that is a memorable keepsake people will actually want to display proudly in their home! Supplies: Camera A means to print a 4x6 photo Scissors Scrapbook paper or Cardstock 8x10 8x10 frame or 11x14 frame with

To the Mom Who Will Settle for Nothing Less Than a GREAT Birthday Party for Their Child

I'll be sharing all the party details and my 3 year old gift guide! Our little guy is not so little anymore! It's hard to even believe that he is 3 years old now! This was the first birthday for my son that he's understood what a birthday party was all about. So we wanted make it special by celebrating with our family and friends in a fun and casual environment. I'm a firm believer in keeping things simple, fun, and not too terribly expensive either! After all it's a chil

Toddler Photography: A Window Into A Child's Mind

Do you want a window into your child's mind? Or just an intimate portrait of your life? Well get your kiddo a camera! We got our son a VTech Kidizoom Camera (This is NOT a sponsored post) for his birthday because he sees Mommy taking pictures all the time. It's by no means any comparison to my DSLR but it's durable and gives him the ability to photograph his world as he sees it! Let's just say he loves it and wants to take it with him everywhere he goes! The best part is w

A Birthday Letter to My Son

The joy of watching your child grow. On the occasion of our son's 3rd birthday today, I wanted to share something I started for him before his 1st birthday. I set up an email account for my son in his name for me and other family members to email him letters and photos periodically, both on special occasions and mundane days when a thought pops into our heads. Being the sentimental person I am, this year is no exception to this tradition. I plan to send him letters for years